TRANSPERSONAL ART – reflecting my parallel work as Transpersonal Psychotherapist.


For me, inspiration manifests most often in the form of oil paintings on canvas, and less often as colour pencil drawings on sturdy paper.  My more recent pictures frequently hold within them the presence of the mandala.  (Sanskrit for circle, or dot, within circle… the mandala is an ancient pattern designed to support meditation and contemplation).  Working intuitively, I respond to whatever comes into, or emerges from, my ‘inner landscape’.   Echoing my psychospiritual journey, my work is found to convey a soulful ‘intimacy’…and a subtle alchemical quality.


I trained formally in fine art at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art (1972-1975).


My current paintings and drawings may be viewed – by arrangement – where I live and work, here in Oxford.  I invite you to visit my art website gallery… to experience the pictures there. And my ‘Shows & Events’ page for exhibitions… You may also like to visit my work in the online gallery at Eurotas – The European Transpersonal Association’s website:  http://www.eurotas.org/art-gallery/visual-art/jaimie-cahlil.html


WEBSITE http://www.cahlil-art.co.uk     http://www.cahlil-therapy.co.uk

TWITTER  @jaimiecahlil

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